In my class I will invite everyone in a healthy and open way to develop towards a higher and more conscious level. I'll give a guideline to build up an awareness of a strong body, while playing with different dynamics and free ranges of movement that result in a challenging and joyful training.

Gaga classes from the Batsheva Dance Company, trainings from the Hofesh Shechter Company and the Countertechnique ideas from Anouk van Dijk built my dance vision and inspired me to create my own movement language: “Space and Flow”. Furthermore, I became a certified teacher of Countertechnique.

Places where I teach and give workshops:
–   ArtEZ Dance Academy Arnhem (teacher department, dance department)
–   HJS, Amsterdam
–   MBO RijnIJssel/ Studio 26 Arnhem (Artiest Urban / Show All Round / FastTrack)
–   Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden Amsterdam
–   Studio AnnaMora Amsterdam
–   DBfT Germany
–   Tanzschule Heidi Sievert, Münster
–   HAMU Prague CZ
–   Summer Dance Intensive, Vilnius LT
–   Skandalisi Dance, Yekaterinburg Russia

You can also contact me for a private session, where I will work from different movement ideas to help you understand your body better and improve daily movement patterns.